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2015 in Review

In 2015…

Me in 2015

My age: 34 (barely)

My job (or school grade): Dietary Hostess @ St. Francis (started in May)

Where I live: Topeka, KS

My family: still together 😛

of years married: 14

My pets: None

My social media presence: I’m there 😀

of pictures taken: Oh good lord, way too many 😉

Big Events and Activities in 2015

Trips taken: 1 to Salina

Family changes: Just the job

Sports played: one

Entertainment in 2015

Best TV show: Hart of Dixie

Favourite musician: Hollywood Undead

The catchiest song: Bullets by Hollywood Undead

Best book: Blood Kiss by JR Ward

Best movie: Jurassic World

Notable Oscar winners: I don’t even follow that BS

Favourite toys: Laptop and my S5

The World in 2015

Memorable news story: Paris attack 🙁

Population of our hometown: 127,473

The price of a loaf of bread: $2.18

The price of gas: $2.13

The leader of our country: Barack Obama, though Repubs are trying to do away with that 😉

Food in 2015

Favourite restaurant: Olive Garden

Favourite home-cooked dinner: alfredo

Best chocolate bar: Ghirardelli Sea Salt Caramel

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31 December, 2015 · 1:14 pm

Oh Happy Day

So, I got a new shirt in the mail.

It’s a pretty shirt. It’s a geeky shirt.

It’s a perfect shirt for me!


Josh found it originally on ThinkGeek.com. The ONLY thing I would change about it is replacing Yar with T’Pol, simply because why should The Next Generation have two characters?

Otherwise, the shirt is perfect for me! I’m definitely a Trekkie, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Though, if you’ll notice, Madison thought I was freaking weird, but what’s new with that?

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17 June, 2014 · 7:35 pm

Transformers VS Legos

Ear Infection Doctor Visit

This year, the boy has already had one sick day, including one where he came home early.

That day, he insisted on watching Cybertech, I mean Cybertron, aka Transformers. He has a slight obsession with that. Not as big as the one for Ninjago, the new Lego Ninja TV show on Cartoon Network. That one, he can watch the beginning and tell us which episode it is. That made us laugh quite a bit when he did it a few nights ago.

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