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Oooh, Hello Planners Again

Another day, another planner!
I love my Plum Paper, but I need to figure out how I want to use it. The layout can be used so many ways. This week, I’m using it like a vertical!

Next week? Who knows what I’ll do with it!
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How Is It Almost June?


Yeah, I’m going back to a bullet journal Surprised smile Yeah, I don’t know. I need more flexibility and sometimes I need some dailies, without having to add more to the current planner. I love how this cover page came out, as well. I used a kit from Aimee Harrison Designs.

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First Day Jitters

Didn’t exist for this kid! She was more than ready to start Sixth Grade today! That eyebrow though! It’s completely out of control! I love it, and I just adore her!

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Fall Back into Blogging: Days 01 & 02

I found this courtesy of Karin. I missed Day 01. Oh well. I’m going to do it now, as well as Day 02.


Whether you have kids or not, we’re sure you have a great school story that you haven’t shared. It might be a teacher who inspired you, a disastrously funny moment, or getting your first kiss by the lockers before 4th period Geometry class – we want to read your best school memory.

My best school memory, I would have to say, is when I started 4th Grade. I had moved from the basic classes to the more advanced. I was put in a group of students who learned the same way I did: fast, and pretty much easy. I had to actually work for my grades, instead of just coasting and still getting near perfect grades. It made me the student that I was to become. Those two teachers pushed me harder than any teacher before or even since had done. They made sure that I was ready for Middle School, that I was truly ready to learn.
They gave me the confidence to believe in what I could achieve, if I just put my head to it.
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Keeping It Real: Peeping Toms


Before I get started on how my family is filled with peeping toms (in a good way, I swear), I’m going to share something that was shared with me (for teacher gifts):

Sponge – to soak up the overflow when your brain is too full
Candle – to light a small mind
Modeling Clay – for being a great model
Smarties Candy – to help stay smart
Highlighter Pen – for being a big highlight of my life
Glue – for holding everything together
Bubbles – to keep a bubbly personality
Cup – when yours is overflowing
Marbles – to replace those lost from time to time
Crayon – to color your day
Hanger – to hang in there — summer vacation is almost here

I did make a “few” adjustments:

  • the hanger is actually going to be suction cup hangers with painted sun catchers Smile
  • Marbles are actually the gems, glass-like, since Wal-Mart didn’t have marbles Surprised smile)
  • I got glue sticks instead of glue-glue Smile

All the stuff purchased, the teachers will be able to put to use in some way Smile I think it’s going to be a nice gift for them Smile

I also got the frames for Kelly, the kids’ bus driver. She’s amazing, and really truly appreciates the gifts from the kids Smile Coming from the fact that my MIL used to be a bus driver before she passed, I know that something to say thank you is appreciated Smile

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