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Weird Science

Things are getting weirder and weirder with computers.

  • Laptops “lighter than air”.
  • 1 TB internal drives when you were lucky to get 20 gigs over 2 drives.
  • Rackmount lcd < -- that's just ODD!
  • Plurk maar’ing everything

Yeah, I think that’s it

Tuesday Business

Got tags for the TrailBlazer. It is now classified as a truck. We had the choice of car or truck. For $10 more, we got it as a truck, since we’ve got towing capabilities. Jackson County wouldn’t let us transfer the tags from the Sonoma to the TB because we still had it on hand grumble, so we had to pay for a whole new tag. $96.75 pro-rated until June.

We also got Madi’s Aristocats, Ethan a Thomas movie, and then we got all 3 Pirates movies. They’re coming off of mod, so we got them while we could.

I found a pale pink Sony Erricson phone, and man, it’s loverly!! My Future Phone
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