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No More Desserts

I made brownies Monday night I think it was. They lasted most of the week, and I even shared with Josh and the kids. That was nice of me, right?

I checked the IRS return status and we’re due for it to be deposited on the 15th. That means it’ll go through the 12th or the 16th (since the 15th is a federal holiday), depending on when the IRS releases the funds. Here’s hoping that it goes through the 12th, so that I can get my camera on Monday. 🙂 Josh is off on Monday ! We have a parent-teacher conference at 9am, but otherwise, a totally free day!!

We have also decided, besides the computer and PS3 for Josh, that the kids will be getting new beds. Madi’s will be first, of course. We have a basic idea on what we want to get for her, and asking her about it, she’s all happy squeal-y about it .
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Tax Time

Josh and I e-filed on Sunday (well, okay, it was "accepted" on Sunday. I filed Saturday, 3 times! Turns out the error? Not my fault!) Anyway, we’re getting about $4.5/5K back. First purchase: Sony A330L for me!! I’m getting a DSLR! No more point-n-shoot. I’ll still be using my Cybershot because I love the ease and convenience of it, but with a camera that weighs just over a pound, the DSLR will be awesome as well :camera:
Josh, after a few paychecks (just to be safe), is going to get a new tower. We have the basic one picked out: 1TB HD, quad-core, 8gigs installed, Windows 7 64-bit. We already have the monitor for it (a 21" HP LCD, wide-screen), so since he had a budget of $1200 for the tower and it only costs $900, he’s going to get a PS3 as well. Lord of the Rings is coming out on BluRay sometime soon, and since we own both of the current versions, I’m a-okay for him having this version.
The best compromise in the world, I think.
Oh, and June 7-12th, I’ll be out of town! Josh is putting in for his vacation week then. It’s then or in the middle of July. Yeah, we’re not okay with that. Kids+hot+car=vomit. :puke:
Sorry, I have a cold :)
So, whatsa up wit’ you?

Tax Monies

Well, we’ve filed! Might have to call on Monday, if the IRS doesn’t accept my AGI, 😆 😉 Otherwise, we’re good to go, with almost $500 more than last year (which, BTW, we *still* have money in the savings account from last year! *sweet*

So, at least one big purchase with it:
1. Josh’s tower 🙂 Seriously needed 😉

I’m working, though, at convincing him that I “need” a Sony DSLR: Sony Alpha A230Y 10.2 MP Digital SLR Camera with Super SteadyShot INSIDE Image Stabilization and 18-55mm and 55-200mm Lenses
We’ll see how that goes, :lol:. I don’t want a Nikon or a Canon. I want one that’s similar to what I have. I just need more “options” for shots, because I currently don’t get jack (I do, but you know what I mean).

There’s also going to be looking into contacts. At least a new set of cheap frames (and seeing if my currents can just get new lenses 😉 since I adore my frames). Contacts shouldn’t be too bad because I don’t want them 24/7, just when we go out for trips, so I can just toss on sunglasses as needed, or if we go to a pool. I need to be able to see, damn it!

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

No, I’m not begging for anything. I was planning on snagging the 21” from the tower when Josh got a new computer, but so far, it’s looking like I’m not going to be able to. Found the perfect tower for Josh, but it doesn’t come with a monitor. It’s okay, though. He deserves a sweet computer. God knows he works hard enough for us to afford it!


Base processor

Phenom II X4-925 (D) 2.8 GHz (95W)

  • 4000 MHz HyperTransport 3.0

  • Socket AM3


AMD 785G


  • Manufacturer: Foxconn

  • Motherboard Name: H-RS780-uATX

  • HP/Compaq motherboard name: Aloe-GL8E

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The Monkey’s Request

Madi has only one request for what we spend tax return on: bed frames for her and Ethan. We found them both each a perfect frame, and can get them cheaply at Walmart. *w00t*

Speaking of bed frames: I was watching an episode of That 70’s Show, and I recognized my old bedroom set. Jackie’s bedroom set is the same exact one I had, and the one Josh’s sister, Jamie, had. Madi? She now has bits and pieces of that set, :lol:. The bed frames from both sets didn’t make it. Jamie’s got sold and mine collapsed (literally, while I was in it, :lol:).