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Halloween Party

In a few hours, I’m going to be getting ready for my first grown-up Halloween party. My costume is starting to become hilarious. It started out as just a basic gothic faery. Now? With the accessories, I’m going as a gothic, but girly, faery, XD. I’ve got the basic costume (dress and wings), my tattoo sleeves, my “ice queen” make-up, fishnet hose, these adorable fake nails that are black french tips, with one finger on each hand bearing a flower, a black choker with a spider-web dangle, black “combat” boots, and I think that’s it. Oh, yeah, and I’m wearing push-up cups, to make the boobages bigger. That’s more of an “oh shit, I fell out of my bra” prevention, though, XD.

Speaking of Halloween, though. There’s going to be an awesome special guest on CSI: New York, so Josh has been warned that if we’re not done by 9pm, I’m skipping out and leaving the kids with him. Who is it, pray tell? That would Robert Picardo, aka “The Doctor” from Voyager. *giggles* I so cannot wait. Josh already has plans on seeing if there’s anyway of making it so that we can record it on the computer (PC has the capabilities, just no idea how to do it).
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I got it!!

I ended up actually getting the Nokia!! Walmart had it for $98.63; it was $104.something for everything. I just put in my L2 SIM card, and *boom* it all works!! Now I have to switch the card back to the L2 and get phone numbers (totally forgot about that), but I’m loving this phone 🙂 I’m having fun customizing it to be totally me!! Anyone know where I can get some Nokia themes?

We also got Ethan a new pair of tennis shoes. We got them at Toys ‘R Us and got them for cheaper than Madi’s from Gordmann’s. 🙂 They’re ADORABLE!! They’ve got Thomas the Train on them. He loves them! We also got him another piece for his train set. It was only $20, and wouldn’t be there much longer (it’s the older style, without the figurines). He’s playing with it now. Madi got a stuffed giraffe that’s half the height she is. She picked it out 🙂

I got the rest of the items for my costume and the wedding: bra, push-up pieces, bra straps (clear ones), fishnets, and tattoo sleeves. *sweet* Josh thinks I look really hot in my costume now, XD

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