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I’m a Terrible Writer

Dylan Jourey ran his hands through his dark brown hair in frustration. He couldn’t believe that his daughter had done that. He couldn’t believe that she had burst into Skye Parker’s shelter, her place of business, and just made that accusation. He hadn’t even realized that the town they had moved to was one that actually had a Parker in residence. He figured that was what he got for not looking into the proprietors of businesses.

But when he had heard about this town, he had to bring his daughter. He was tired of always having to hide who and what they were, everywhere that they had moved. It wasn’t that he wasn’t proud that he was a werewolf and that he was raising a “werewolf pup”, especially as a single father, but most of the world didn’t even realize that they were actually real, that they actually existed. That was the problem, the singular problem. If they really knew, they would be hunted down and eliminated. That’s why he moved to Needmore, Colorado.

Yuck! That’s what I wrote. This is why I have a love-hate relationship with NaNoWriMo. I write terribly when I’m forced to write. When I let the words just flow, I can get some amazing shit done.

Right now, it’s not happening. Right now, I’m just trying to get caught back up!

Even my SEO plugin is telling me my writing is bad :O

Oh well, time to just keep going! See you on the flip side!

Oh, What Have I Done?

I read an older blog post that reminded me of how much I do not like my current dining set. It was free, so I’m not knocking it. It’s just … you know … not our taste. It doesn’t really say “Josh and Sarah and family”. At all.

So, I stupidly went onto Target.com and, gah, now I hate myself. We just bought a new car. I should not be looking at this stuff. Hey, at least it’s cheaper than a new laptop, right?

One question I have: when did all dining sets become only 4-person settings? I remember when it was standard to be 6 or 8. Or am I confusing with something? I know our silverware is for 8, at least.

Also: I am not being paid for this. This is ALL my doing. ALL images are linked and they’re NOT referral links. Open-mouthed smile


I like this design. Josh should like it too because it’s black. At $70, though, I’d be spending $140. Disappointed smile

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Oot und Aboot

Goodness, it was COLD this morning! We went from 75F yesterday to a high in the 40s today! *shiver* I hate the cold.

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Cyber Monday Steals

The writing prompt for today is “The most significant purchase I’ve made recently is …” That answer is really easy: Madi’s Christmas gift, one of them


She wants this, so she’s getting it! She’s read a couple of them at school. So, now she can read them whenever! Pretty sweet, right?


Yes, I also bought myself a cookbook Surprised smile I couldn’t beat the deal on it! Half-off yesterday! Smile I also bought a cookie cookbook, but now I can’t find it on Target.com Disappointed smile

Layouts! – and some actual blogging

Okay, yesterday I didn’t scrap *at* all. I actually usually don’t on Sundays. That’s the one day off that my husband is guaranteed {he’s a mail carrier}. That means he usually takes over the tower, which is seriously FAST and reliable. I have the laptop, but I can’t exactly multi-task with it, 😉 So, since I have the computer most of the time, I have no problem sharing the computer with him though. He works hard every day, 😆 But yesterday, ugh, I wouldn’t have wanted the computer anyway. I had the laptop on for about 15 minutes after we spent a few hours in town {with 100F and higher heat indexes}, and I was DONE looking at it, 😆 I was exhausted, in pain, and just felt like poopy. Happens way too often it seems 🙁 I gotta start eating more regularly, and more healthily. I guess it’s a good thing that when the kids start school, I’ll be starting From Couch to 5K. First week is 15-20 minutes outside, 😆 I think I can handle that! Even got a few new work-out related clothes for it {a good jog bra, and some running shorts, C9 by Champion through Target}. Seriously comfy! I had a coupon for $3 off, so I got the bra for $13.99. I wasn’t going to get the shorts, but Josh got them off the rack for me and put them in the cart. I wasn’t going to argue! I needed more shorts anyway! Plus, they’re only $9.99. That’s cheaper than all my jean shorts, 😆

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