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Pissed My Sister off

Her text to me:

I dont kno if i can get senior pics now because mom isnt workin i also dont know if i can get my class ring 2

My response:

That’s okay because I’m most likely not going to be able to come anyways. My dress for the wedding has to be altered and then there’s RenFaire. Also Julie’s bachelorette party and the marking me [should have been OF] the first year without Kathy.

Her response:

K i am upset now i dont get to see my niece or nephew for a while now thanks a lot

My last:

Grow up! Being with Josh on the anniversary of his mom’s death is a hell of a lot more important to me.

Her last:

K fine see u in 1 year bye

Excuse me if I’m not sympathetic to the fact that she’s not going to get senior pics or a class ring. I never got either, nor did I get a yearbook my senior year (or any other year). She’s got a job. She can save and pay for that shit herself.

Also, the childishness just set me off. She’s going to freaking EIGHTEEN in EIGHT days and she still acts worse than Madi and Ethan sometimes. *grumble*

I just don’t have the mental capacity this week to deal with her childish antics (that time of the 3-months, XD)