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Currently List: December 30, 2014 – January 05, 2015


Ethan watched Mythbusters over … and over … and over! Oh my god, I was so ready for it to end!

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Thursday 3


  1. I’m up past 4k steps for the first time since I overdid it and it felt amazing. ? I am loving my Fitbit Flex!
  2. I’ve been watching ??Haven? (SyFy?) on Netflix
  3. I only got a few hours of sleep but I feel completely energized.


I set the alarm. When it goes off, I fill it out. I play with the image until it fits the day. And then I share it on Instagram.
The #CurrentlyList project, created by RUKristin Papercrafts. She also is the mastermind behind #Thursday3.

#currentlylist #phonto #photofy #photofyapp #veteransday #111114 #november11
watching: Salem
reading: Yours For Christmas
listening: Something weird on SyFy
making: myself hungry
feeling: indigestion
planning; doing October PL (Project: Life)
loving: Netflix

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30 Days of Lists {Sept 01}

S14 List Header 1

  1. Pepsi Cola (made with real sugar)
  2. Ghirardelli classic white chips
  3. Garden Veggie Straws Zesty Ranch
  4. Twitchy left under-eye
  5. OneDrive for Windows (and Android)
  6. Samsung Galaxy S4
  7. Toshiba Satellite P875-S7102
  8. Showers
  9. Star Trek
  10. Criminal Minds

Basically, it’s going to be a lazy day at home, complete with the SyFy Star Trek Labor Day marathon and Criminal Minds through Netflix.

Being Helpful


The old laptop, the tiny (it seems now) 15.4″, formerly involving Vista, now using Windows 7, is going to be on loan to my sister-in-law. It hadn’t been turned on since February of 2013. I’m surprised it worked!

It needed some major updates, and I cleaned off some programs and other things, but it’s working! WOO!

So, it’s working, albeit slowly, painfully slow, but it’ll hopefully tide her over until she can replace her borked computer!

And now I’m going to go back to the premiere of Being Human on Syfy! LOVE that show!