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30 Days of Lists {Sept. 18-22}

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  1. Scrapbooking. Well, it sort of does, but that’s because I do the admin behind-the-scenes stuff at Gingerscraps. I also get free kits out of the deal as well!
  2. Reading. I read on average of 300 to 350 books a year. Trust me, I could make BANK if I could be paid to read 😉
  3. Playing on my phone. Maybe I need to find an app creator who needs a tester 😛
  4. Housework avoidance. If I had that, I’d have enough to hire a maid 😆

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Tax Monies

There are so many things we want to use our tax monies for.
1. Fix the truck and car. Money is already moved into savings for that. 🙂
2. New tower to replace the current one. One we want is for less than $600 for a 3-gig RAM, 500-gig hard drive, 22″ widescreen monitor. *sweets*
3. MP3 players for each of us. Not sure what we’ll be getting. Need one that plays iTunes stuff, since I have *lots* of iTunes music :).

What we won’t be spending it on? A franchise opportunity for one. Not really wanting to buy into anything right now. Market isn’t cut out for that.
No stocks and/or bonds. I don’t trust anything with banks and/or Wall Street right now.

What about you?