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Lazy Saturday


The kids and I just had a lazy Saturday.

It was nice!

Then I got to watch my boys win their Playoff game! AWESOME!

Weekly Winners–February 05-11, 2012


All shots taken with a Canon Rebel XS, Sony Cybershot DSCW120, Kodak EasyShare C195, or the HTC Surround Windows Phone More can be found on my Flickr account

playing with PicPlz for a few. Just a basic week! Today is Star Wars 3D for our family!

Hour 9: The carnage begins. Jalapeno poppers & hot wings.

erbowl Foods and Stuffs

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Challenge Accepted–Superbowl Sunday

I mentioned a challenge recently, and I did it yesterday. Laughing out loud One picture, per hour, from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep/bed.

I have 13 pictures. I passed out right before the 14th hour came Open-mouthed smile


9am: I’m awake-ish. Kindle is keeping me entertained.

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Need I Say More?

Cellphone background

Twitter, Pluck, Facebook icon

Happy Fan Over Here!

Josh looked at the blog last night and went “Your Colts won and you didn’t post about it?” What he failed to realize was that I used Ping.fm to update Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, FriendFeed, Plurk, etc, with a happy squeal.

Yes, the Saints and the Colts, Sunday February 07, 2010!! With THE WHO being the Half-Time Show! I mean, seriously? Could that day rock any harder? I don’t even care which team wins, :lol:.

Okay, that was a lie. If the Colts win, I get a few new shirts, most likely, from my mom, :lol:. She wouldn’t be able to resist!! And it might mean my nephew gets a few more as well (*squee*).

So, are you ready for some football?