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Thursday 3


#thursday3 #snapseed
1. I’ve worked every day this week and haven’t gotten less than 10k in steps
2. My kids are on summer break and I think I’m enjoying it. I’m still not sure.
3. I’m tired. Very tired.


Summer Break

Summer break has officially started now!


Madison didn’t have to go at all because her last official day was yesterday! 😀 She enjoyed the few hours alone. She got to play Sims 3, 😆 Now she’s at her friend’s (our neighbor’s below us) spending the night!

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18 Days


There are 18 days until school starts. Not that I’m counting.

Okay, I’m counting.

They’re driving me bonkers. They’re bored. It’s been too humid and too hot to go outside. The playground equipment would burn them. Then, my parents were here, and we all (but Ethan). We’ve had a pretty productive summer break, but I’m ready for it to finish. I think they might be ready as well.