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Calendar Blocking

Im reading an amazing book called Good Morning, Good Life. It’s about creating a morning routine to improve your life.

One of the suggestions is time-blocking. On a calendar. I use Google Calendar.

I love how colorful it is. How easy it is to duplicate multiple events.

And I can easily see the day in pure time block style.

Next, I’ll be scheduling in my morning routines. Some will adjust, based on my work schedule, but, I need to stop just sleeping until I can’t any longer and rushing to get ready.

Which also means i need to work on a nighttime routine as well!

Ink Me Baby

On Brownie Scraps, we were discussing Christmas lists. One of them included printer suggestions Open-mouthed smile. I don’t mean a receipt printer or anything, but actual printers. I pimped out my HP D110a that I got for $50 last year. I love this freaking printer. But, the best suggestion, in my opinion, that I could have given is to not just base the choice on what options the printer has, and how cheap it is. Look at the costs of the ink replacements. Mine are about $14-30, depending on which ones I’m buying. Black is cheap. I’ve replaced it twice. Maybe three times, max. Color? I go through it like it’s toilet paper. Actually, I think I go through ink faster. Why? Because I love to print hybrid projects. I also take a lot of pictures, and I like to print those out as well.

So, if you’re on the hunt for a new printer, make sure you check out the costs of the ink as well!

A Movie That Wins

My kids are both getting sucked into Bridge to Terabithia.
Josh is okay with getting it for them, including getting Madi the book.
That was my dad’s suggestion for Madi. He told me that he wished he could have done it for me, and that’s one of his biggest regrets: he didn’t encourage my love of reading and writing. *sniffles*

Now, time for an update on the excercise:
First, I had to quit early today. Headache (still have the headache), shaky, woozy, nauseaus, ughs!

Anyways, worked out every day this week!! I’m so proud of myself!

Weight: 129lbs
Waist: 33 1/2″
Hips: 36 1/2″
Thighs: 22″
Calf: 14″
Bicep: 11 1/2″
Bust: 33″
Boobs: 36″ (and happy perky, LMAO)

Apparently …

I did a post on ways to lose readers, and apparently I found a few more, from my own experience:

1. Do not blog about gifts you’re getting from family. I lost two readers after posting that.
2. Do not blog about your politics. That’ll lose you visitors.
3. Do not post updates if you’re doing NaNo. Apparently if you do it more than once a day (oh my god, my blog), you’ll lose readers.

I have a small suggestion for those that drop people from their feed readers. How about dropping the person a line and letting them know why? Maybe you just didn’t find what they were righting interesting. I know I would like to know.


Not A Happy Weekend

Well, at least not a happy end to one 🙁
I slept like ass last night, as I always do when I take something to make me sleep. Then again, *JOSH* turned out to be the problem, as always.

I did get some good news though: Mom has agreed that I can get a camera for Christmas/birthday combo: Sony Cybershot DSCW120/P

Thanks to JustJen for the suggestion on it 🙂

Now, I’m off to attempt to write. Not doing too well on that aspect. Didn’t write a word this weekend. Not a single one 🙁

Month Goal:

26044 / 50000 words. 52% done!
Daily Goal:

26044 / 28339 words. 92% done!