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Sickness Again


I’m a damn mouth-breather today. Nothing is making this congestion any better! Ugh! It sucks!

Ugh. Humidity


Humidity sucks. I hate it with a passion. It gives me migraines.
I’m over summer completely now.
I did make a cheesecakes 😆

Failure Burns

I started a cardio program via EA Active 2 for the Wii last week. Instead of being smart, I decided to add in WiiFit with it as well. So, I overdid it, as usual, and was in SO much pain that I couldn’t even contemplate this week. Ugh!

I hate feeling like I’m a total failure. It doesn’t help that my feet are requiring sneakers but I can’t find sneakers that don’t kill both feet. I can’t find a pair of sneakers that will let arch supports or whatever inside them.

Sometimes, being me really sucks and the failure hurts.