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Create With Me

053/366 [2012] - My Messy Desk

053/366 [2012] – My Messy Desk (Photo credit: TM2TS)

I’m sitting here, at my desk, what I like to call my “creation station”, and well, I want something with more storage. Something bigger. Something that just holds more. I need more space. Storage. Accessories. A life.

Oh, and I need some new speakers. The ones we have now are slowly starting to fade out. They’re getting poppy, and that’s not a good thing. That just is not good at all. *sad face*

The Storage Issues

Inside a Computer

I’ve looked at computer carts for the laptop because we need storage space. That way I can be somewhere solid with the laptop, without it killing a lot of space. Something we could use with the printer and all that stuff as well. Thus far, we haven’t had much luck finding something that works with the space that we have and the current furniture that we have already. Ugh, I hate having to shop sometimes. Who’s with me?

Organizing, We’re Starting It

Though we’re not moving this year, we’re getting ourselves more and more ready by weeding out the unnecessary junk and working on organizing what “junk” we do have. Slowly, but surely, we’re getting there.

135/365 {2011} - Organized

Yesterday,  we got this Sterilite 3 Bin Storage System from Wal-Mart. The original plan was to put it beside the couch, but it wouldn’t fit right. We didn’t feel comfortable stacking the subwoofer under/on top of the extra stereo system (for our surround sound Hot smile). So, we decided to move a black end table-thing to the spot that we’d planned for the bin system, and using the bin system for the kids’ lunch necessities.

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Thinking of houses … again

When Josh and I get a house, we want land. We’ve decided, and agreed on that. We’ll give up what we have to to be able to afford that.

If we do that, though, we know we’ll need a shed or two, like a DuraMax YardMate Vinyl Storage Shed 00711.We also want something for the kids to play in, much like a playhouse, but something we can convert later, when they’re older, into another shed, and if/when they have kids of their own, we’ll be able to reconvert it back.

Besides that, we’re also talking about fencing that we might need. Josh wants a decent size dog, and I’m wanting a smaller one, plus cats, :lol:. I’m thinking an invisible fence would be a good idea. He said it works on rotties, labs, and shepherds. I think it would work with the smallish dog I want, and the big dog he wants.

Oh well, we have a while before we have to worry about that.

We Need a House

Josh and I have come up with a plan for the old coffee table: if it survives the move (when we buy a house), we’re going to put it on the garage floor, and have stuff stacked on it. It would be just high enough to keep snakes and things from getting into stuff (we plan on doing a half-country-like area, hopefully, so snakes are a possibility). We also want it that way in case we have a little too much rain. We can keep the nicer stuff up there.

I also suggested putting it into a study, if we have one anyway. It would be a good place to put the paper sorter and things like that. Oh, and a printer, etc, :lol:.

What would you do with an old coffee table?