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Less Words Wednesday

Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120

The stockings are hung, and waiting for goodies.
Presents are wrapped (well, mostly), and waiting on children to open.
Santa is wanting those cookies, baked with love.
Children are behaving and getting excited.

The day of the Eve has arrived. Christmas Eve is today. Are you excited? My kids are. Ethan goes “Christmas!” quite happily and loudly anytime you ask him what tomorrow is. He screams “Santa and reindeers” when you ask him who comes tonight.

Me, I’m waiting for the food tomorrow. Ham, and mashed potatoes, pie and green beans. YUMMY!! Three of those four? Made by me, :lol:. I don’t mind. I love cooking, and making family feel how much I care through that.

What are your plans for tonight and tomorrow? I know some countries celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. 🙂

Yeah, You Hate Me

:omg: I’ve mentioned several times that we have Christmas shopping done. Well, don’t worry, I’m not going to say that I’m not done, :lol:. I don’t want to wrap though!! Someone want to do it for me?

I’m currently watching The Princess Bride, and I’m thinking maybe I should pull out some gifts and do some wrapping. I have to wrap Josh’s sister’s gift, Josh’s brother’s girlfriend’s gift, Josh’s sister’s FIANCE’S (that’s the big news as of the 20th) gift, Mark’s gift, Julie’s gift, maybe even a few of the kids. Oye!

My kids are seriously being spoiled this year. There is going to so much candy in their stockings that I think they’ll fall of the wall hooks, :doh:. Nope, they’re not spoiled at all 😉 Besides candy, we also picked them up a cookie or two, and some rice krispie treat shapes. I think they’re going to love their Christmas, and that’s all that matters.

:christmas: Are you ready for Christmas?

Shopping Successes

We went shopping today. Got 90% of our shopping done. Got a gift for Julie, so we gotta find one for Mark. No clue what to get him. Most likely cash towards the PS3. Maybe we should hand it to Julie, so that we know that it goes to Brian, XD.

We also got the rest of Emma and Gavin’s gifts. We got them baskets of play food. It goes with what Kristen and Jeremy got them for Christmas, and they each get their own!! Works for me. Also got candy canes to go in the stockings, and they’re Sponge Bob, which suits both of them as well, XD.

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Shopping List – Dec. 07, 2007

My shopping list for tomorrow, things I have to buy, XD.

  1. Wrapping Paper
  2. One more gift for Emma and Gavin
  3. Stockings for Josh and I
  4. Haircuts for Ethan and Josh (since we’re going to be there anyway, XD)
  5. A gift for Jamie from the kiddos
  6. To-From labels (we used all of ours from last year, XD
  7. Chicken, pork chops, and hamburger
  8. Madi’s Barbie/Horse set, plus her extra horse
  9. Outfits for Madi and Ethan (Christmas gifts)
  10. Notebook for Embodiment, the paper journal project
  11. Pens and pencils for Embodiment, the paper journal project
  12. Chicken nuggets

More will be added as I think of it, XD