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Life and Such! 

I’m sore. Got a workout in, then worked from 130 until 715. Not a lot of hours, but it resulted in a lot of steps!

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12 December, 2016 · 10:20 pm

So .. I Walked


I swear, at some point, these blog posts will not revolve around how many steps I get. Maybe if I hit the 500k I’m hoping to hit for July, it will be the end.

We shall see.

For now, I’m just hoping that the truck, which is back in the shop because of transmission … again, is something covered by warranty?

I’m hoping that my hours aren’t going to be cut as badly as I think that they might be.

Now I’m going back to writing the blog for Gingerscraps.

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14 July, 2016 · 10:58 pm

Day 01 Towards 500k in the Bag


I set a big goal for July. I have to get 16,130 steps (or thereabouts) a day to hit this goal.

I want 500k in steps for July. I tried for it in June and was nowhere close. Even if I’d hit my goal every day (I missed 4 or 5 days), I would have only hit 420k. So this is a BIG challenge for me!

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The Goals … So Far


New background for my lockscreen. I like this. I got it from the ErinCondren website 😀

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23 May, 2016 · 10:14 pm