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My Wonderful Monday

Madison became a unicorn :O

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7 August, 2017 · 9:00 pm

Today’s Accomplishment


The goal for 2016 is to get me set up in a routine. Today, I found an app that will help. It’s called TimeTune on Android, and I have to say that I like!

Today’s plan was to do the living room. I had some geek-like things to cheer me on: Chewie fell over, Yoda, ET, R2D2, Derpy Pony, Spiderman, and Wicket!

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This Week in Pictures: January 04-09, 2016


Find more pictures on my Flickr!

I missed doing Weekly Winners, so I’m back to doing these on Sundays! 😀


This was SO GOOD. I need to get more of them! 😀

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10 January, 2016 · 10:15 pm

Merry Christmas


My babies had a good Christmas, I think. They didn’t get a lot of toys, but they’re outgrowing them. Ethan got a few Lego sets, as did Madison. She also got 2 “adult” coloring books, which she asked for. She got an owl one and an animal one. Plus some art supplies!

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25 December, 2015 · 11:38 pm

Flashback Friday

Today, we saw Star Wars.

My review:

Can’t talk about it without spoilers. It was good. Not Ep4-6 good, but better than Jar Jar Banks containing ones for sure.

Since I didn’t take a lot of pictures, and I spent 3 hours in the theater, I decided to do a Flashback Friday!


One year ago, we had snow on the ground. Not a lot, but enough to make roads not fun to be on. So far, now? We’ve had some ice and that’s it.

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18 December, 2015 · 10:28 pm