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I had to turn on Voyager for a palette cleansing from The West Wing. It was so good of a show!
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Thursday 3



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  1. I finished the newsletter earlier than normal.
  2. I’m re-watching Star Trek Voyager for the billionth time. It kept me focused.
  3. I am going to sleep HARD because I took two Advil PMs

If you do the #thursday3, let me know!

30 Days of Lists: Days 04-08

List 4 Favorite Tools
04: Tools I Create With

  1. Ziva the ‘Shiba
  2. Canon EOS Rebel XS 1000D
  3. HTC Inspire
  4. Photoshop Elements
  5. HP Photosmart D110
  6. Writing Utensils
  7. Whatever I can find

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Week in the Life – Saturday

Screenshot-5I am writing this at just after midnight, though you won’t have a chance of reading it until, well, whatever time I set it to pre-post. Sundays are a busy time for us (mostly grocery shopping and catching up on stuff that fell by the wayside during the week).

Saturday was hectic-ish. The morning was go-go-go. Simply because the Boy had a Boy Scout popcorn selling gig at the local Lowe’s at noon. That meant leaving by 11:30, just to make sure we were there a little early. 😀

I really, really, really didn’t want to wake up. I spent an hour or so reading in bed. My nose is all sorts of red and swollen because I was crying. Like full-on bawling at the story I was reading Star Trek: Voyager: Homecoming: Pt.1. I’ve READ IT BEFORE, but I’d just finished re-watching the series again on Netflix (seriously, you need to watch Star Trek Voyager if you’ve never seen it!)

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T13 – 46th Edition: 13 Shows I Like

Thirteen Show I LOVE

1. Star Trek Voyager
2. One Tree Hill
3. ER
4. Privileged
5. The Secret Life of the American Teenager
6. Gilmore Girls
7. The OC
8. 90210 (ORIGINAL, not this remake bullshit)
9. Star Trek: The Next Generation
10. Star Trek: Deep Space 9
11. Charmed
12. CSI: New York
13. CSI: Miami

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