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SRS never called yesterday. Pisses me off, but there’s nothing we can really do about it.

We did some grocery shopping yesterday. Spent $59.16 on the cc, and have $59.16 left on food stamps, :lol:. Well, not now, :lol:, but did, *snort*. Josh bought bread later on, but it was still funny at the time.

Sadly, I think that’s about it, :lol:. There’s seriously nothing going on. I picked up Julie yesterday at work. Mark took her in, but didn’t get finished with golf in time to pick her up. I left at 6:29, and got there at 6:39, :lol:, and that’s after getting stuck behind the idiots who “putt-putt” through the parking lot, *snort*

Kristen and Jeremy, plus Emma (Gavin was at Kristen’s mom’s) came over yesterday. They downloaded a few songs (I’m not complaining, Kristen and I have extremely similar tastes, so she gets ones I didn’t think of, :lol:). I had a lot of fun, but by the end of the night, I was ready for a nap, 😆 (I haven’t been sleeping well lately). I didn’t fall asleep until 3am this morning, and then Josh wakes me up at 9am saying “I gotta help JD.”. OY!!

House Hunting

Okay, Josh and I were looking at houses (this one and this one), and to pay what we’re paying in rent right now ($625), for either one, we’d have to put down around $15K. While that’s not a huge amount of money, our problem is, HA HA, we can’t save that much, or else SRS cuts us off. *screams*

I went MIA

Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers? Yeah, don’t ask, :lol:. Things got hectic here for us lately. I have no idea why though. Just did.

Bad news: If SRS goes through with the cancelling, I’m going to have to find a job, an actual job, an actual paying job. I would be working after Josh gets off (meaning 6 to whenever Tuesdays through Sundays). I’m so not looking forward to it. We’re hoping SRS pulls their heads out of their asses, or else we’re screwed (and Josh will have to take the assistant manager position, just so we can make ends meet). GAH!! I hate this fucking country at times. Poor keeps getting screwed, and the rich keep getting breaks. Pisses me all to hell.

Busy Day

Okay, it’s not even 9:05 am, and we’ve already dealt with SRS (lady who signed the letter no longer even works there) and puke-y courtesy of Ethan. What a lovely start to the day. Ethan’s puke smelled like rotten milk, though that’s not even possible since he didn’t have milk all day yesterday, except for first thing in the morning, due to needing to poo. Right now he’s sharing cereal with Josh.

Plan on working on some St. Patty’s sigs, and spring sigs. I’m so ready for spring now. Got a good snow, now bring on the Spring. 😆 Looks like, at least until Friday (haven’t looked at 10 day), I’ll get my wish 😛

Not my day

Once again, SRS and the post office has fucked up!! We sent our paperwork for recertification on food stamps, on time, when were supposed to. Now SRS is saying they never got it!! WTF!! We sent power and gas that day, and those checks have both gone through, so OBVIOUSLY, the mail went out. WTF is wrong with this fucking state. First they force us to change doctors, and now they’re losing mail. God, I hate it here!!

So, because of SRS, we’re going to have put certain things on hold, AGAIN. We were going to get a few things when Josh got paid Thursday (yes, mostly for me, but most of my make-up is at least a year old … time to “upgrade”). That’s being put off. Josh was going to call SRS tomorrow, but just realized that tomorrow is President’s Day. Why should the government have to work, even if most of the country still does? Gah, I hate the world right now.

I’m wanting to find a more reliable way of helping to boost our income. I can’t find too many reliable WAH projects. If you know of any, please holler. I’d really appreciate it!!