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Gonna work out for a knife ass this Christmas

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Attempting a 5-Week Challenge

I’m on Day 03 of it. It’s easy to say it’s going well when you’re in the beginning of something like this. Heck, in the beginning of anything. It’s always easy then. Right now, my legs are killing me!

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Going Well

I’m not on the hunt for diet pills for sale, because I’m making no more excuses. I haven’t really been dieting, but I have been sort of following the schedule. I didn’t work out yesterday. I did do it Monday and Wednesday!


The minimum for push-ups was 25. I did 31. That’s with a bunch of walking yesterday and today 😛
The minimum for squats was 60. I did 87. *gasp* Yeah, legs have officially fallen off, 😆
The minimum for sit-ups was 67. I did … wait for it … ONE HUNDRED. *gasp* Abs have run for cover as well.


The minimum for push-ups was 33. I did 40. That’s 9 more than Monday!
The minimum for squats was 71. I did  90. That’s only 3 more than Monday, but it’s still more!!
The minimum for sit-ups was 81. I did 145. That’s 45 more than Monday, and that’s over 100 more than I did during the initial test! That is rock-on for me!!


The minimum for push-ups is 42. Goal is going to be 50. That’s 10 more than Wednesday.
The minimum for squats is 79. My goal is going to be 100. That’s 10 more than Wednesday. That’s 70 more than a week ago!
The minimum for sit-ups is 87. My goal is going to be 160. That’s 15 more than Wednesday, but I don’t want to kill my abs. If I can do more, rock on! I don’t want to reach 200 before the end of Week 02, though 😉

No More Excuses

IMG_3832 IMG_3833

Yes, I have a major lack of space for working out. Well, that’s been my excuse for too long. Starting today, I’m going to do 100 Push-ups, 200 Squats, and 200 Sit-ups regimens.

So far? I fail, badly, :lol:.

Push-ups: 9 total. That puts me on Level 02. Honestly, that’s not bad, for me, because I did the traditional push-ups, and I usually do the knee style. So, yeah! Go me!

Sit-ups: 21 total. That’s level 01. Ugh! That one bothers me, but, it gives me something to strive for!!

Squats: 30. Another Level 02. I could have probably done more, but I have major walking to do tomorrow. Taking my baby girl shopping for new shoes 🙂

Each week, I’ll post an update on how I’m doing. The days of working out are M-W-F, so it’ll be Fridays or Saturdays. It’s a 4 week program. If I survive, and hit the goals, I don’t know what I’m going to do. Maybe I’ll be able to buy some cuter shorts, :lol:. Goal is to look good in what I wear, not to lose weight. Goal is to be able to take a walk and maybe work up to a jog. Getting myself in shape is the complete goal.

And, please, don’t gag at the pictures. Seeing them myself, I’m about ready to.

So, wish me luck!

Work-Outs completed

Sunday, March 29:
Grocery shopping [hey, it counts]

Monday, March 30:
30 mins flex
30 mins upperbody
80 sit-ups
10 push-ups
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