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The Planner … Last Week of May

Goals for the Week:

  1. 15k a day
  2. Squat Challenge
  3. talk to Ashley about BBOD (Beachbody on Demand)
  4. Eat more protein

Habits I’m tracking:

  • Blog
  • 15k a day
  • nightguard
  • fitness goals
  • Planner: Me and My Big Ideas Happy Planner
  • Pens: Papermate Inkjoy Gel .07, LePen Permanent, Crayola stamps marker
  • Stickers: PlanningMadeEasy, LillieHenry, Libbie & Co, Miscellany Blvd, MAMBI
  • Washi Tape: Michaels!

LINKS to Things:

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22 May, 2016 · 8:54 pm

Motivation Monday … or something


It’s time to get real.

At least focused.

This was before I did Day 01 of Blogilates February 2016 workout. I did have to replace one workout with 4 minutes on the trampoline, but I’m not worried about that. It was still a workout.

My shoulders HURT from that workout too!

And what I shared when I shared this on Facebook:

Selfie Monday … I don’t know. First day of the month, first time really looking at the scale …


I didn’t believe it. I took the scale into another room. Same thing. I guess it’s true.
I’m not finished. I’d like to see 115. If I don’t, it’s okay. If I go back to 125, it’s okay. As long as I’m still being more active now than I have before, I’m happy with any result I have.

This is me, owning it, and being proud of it.

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1 February, 2016 · 10:28 pm

Today’s Goal … MET!

Dentyne Split2Fit

Today’s workout:
10 reps (3x) Triceps Kickback
10 reps (3x) Overhead Shoulder Press
10 reps (3x) Bent-over Reverse Fly
6 supermans
3 kneeling push-ups
6 mountain climbers (each leg)
3 side lying tricep press each side
5 reps each, 3x
{Narrow Squat, Narrow Squat w/ Back Kick, Basic Squat, Basic Squat w/leg lift, Sumo Squat}

Plus 14000 steps.
I’m feeling it, but in such a good way. I don’t feel like a lazy schlub, even when I’m sitting on the couch.

Tomorrow, I get to “celebrate” and buy new jeans. Because we get to wear jeans Friday through Sunday, and damn it, I need jeans that fit!

  • The 7-Minute Total-Body HIIT Workout
  • Hotel Workout
  • 30 minute quick workout

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5 August, 2015 · 9:57 pm