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Currently Cards … Daily?

I think I am going to go back to doing the Currently Cards daily again. I’ll use a combination of the ones from Kristin Papercrafts and the ones released by Inspired Designs, designed to match Right Here, Right now, available at Gingerscraps.


Watching: X-Files
Listening: Ethan’s Legos
Reading: The Texan‘s Royal M.D.
Loving: Ethan’s birthday
Feeling: Sore jaw
Admiring: Cupcake job
Contemplating: A long walk

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Currently … Inspired

Watching: X-Files … yes, I’m still marathoning it 😀
Listening: Dirty Jobs … the kids were watching it.
Reading: The Blackstone Heir … it took me 4 days to read it. :O
Loving: Spring Break … we’re all just loving it, I think 😀
Feeling: Less than energetic … sleep hasn’t been coming easily
Admiring: Right Here Right Now kit by Inspired Designs … I need to use it more 😀
Contemplating: Cleaning, but I don’t wanna do it … really, who does?

Card: http://store.gingerscraps.net/RIGHT-HERE.-RIGHT-NOW.-TODAY-Pocket-Cards-2.html, an add-on to Right Here Right Now by Inspired Designs


Tomorrow’s Birthday Plans


Tomorrow, my baby boy turns NINE YEARS OLD! I’m going to do something special and do an hourly picture taking, celebrating it! Both kids are on Spring Break this week, so it’s PERFECT! This boy has NEVER gone to school on his birthday! It always falls during Spring Break! Madison’s is always during summer vacation as well! Spoiled kiddos!


086/366 [2012] – Bright Skies

Waiting for the bus, and I’m blinded by the light. I wasn’t going to complain though. The bright lights, for me, meant it wasn’t raining.
I was getting some nice Vitamin D.
It was nice to see the sun after not seeing it for so long during Spring Break.

080/366 [2012] – Daddy and Madi

Madi had a bit of a sick day, and woke up seriously early, especially early since it was Spring Break, so she got some cuddle time with Daddy. I was also up early (I couldn’t fall back asleep), so I was lucky enough to capture this shot, after I started the dishwasher (which after THREE runs, STILL didn’t get dishes clean, and the dishwasher is less than a year old. NEVER BUY a HotPoint. If we’d had a choice, we sure wouldn’t have gotten it)