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Hooked On Her by Stacey Lynn

HOH - RB banner

“Stacey Lynn’s hockey heroes bring all the sexy and swoon!”
– Mira Lyn Kelly, USA Today bestselling author

Hooked on Her, an all-new steamy and swoon-worthy forbidden sports romance from Stacey Lynn, is available now! Continue reading

Getting Healthier Lunch Options


So, the kids start back at school in 3 weeks, just over that. It’s weird thinking about how soon it’s happening, but I’m also excited. Madison is thrilled.

Ethan’s only a little excited because of the fact that I’m wanting to do more than just sandwiches for them! Today, I picked up the pieces for that. A bento box for them, that fits PERFECTLY in their new lunchboxes. Then a meal kit one that comes with a spoon/fork combo utensil. Some really freaking cool stuff!

I’m on the hunt now for awesome things I can make for them. Things that won’t go bad when they’re sitting out in the open, waiting for lunch to start.

The prices for these were pretty good. I spent $40 for both kids, for 4 sets of lunch-ware! And I will say, if you want a decent priced lunch container, but with designs kids would want, and will hold either of the above lunch kits? Try Target! We got the kids’ for $12.99. They’re Embark hydration lunch kits. I would link the particular ones that we got the kids, but they’re not available online. They’re worth a look at, though!



My absolutely adorable nephew Hunter in his AWESOME Indianapolis Colts sweatshirt!

She’s Gonna Be a Vet

281/365 - Horse and Girl

Madi wants a horse. An actual horse. Complete with all the saddlery and everything else involved. She has a natural gift with animals. A horse that will bite most any female practically cuddles up with her. It’s beautiful, and scary at the same time. She has absolutely no fear, which really works in her favor.

She has a natural talent for reading and math, as well, as it seems, a nice gift for the sciences. She’s not grossed out by anything. I think she’s going to want to be a veterinarian when she gets older. She’ll be an amazing one, I think.

This Winter?

Snowball Fight

They’re calling for a “normal” winter, with “normal precipitation” now, instead of what they were calling for, which was a MUCH WETTER one. Well, our area is on the cusp of “normal”, and “oh crap, bad” or something. So, the kids are going to be cooped up inside, more often, and hopefully, though, I won’t be required to look into wrestling gear from Suplay.com, to keep them safe.

I’m not sure what I’m wanting. I don’t want a crapton of snow, because, ugh, I’m over it from the winter before last (last winter we got a whopping like 2 inches ALL WINTER of snow). I’m not wanting major cold, either, but gah, we need it because we need it to kill the bugs. TOO many bugs this year. GOOD thing about a lack of rain was the lack of mosquitos in the area. Otherwise it would have been very dangerous for us. We’ll leave that to Texas.