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NCIS picture from a friend

There be a Ducky in this shot!!

Nothing like something you love to brighten your day.

Thanks, Kori, for this. Brightened up what started out as another crappy day.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen



You have been warned

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Tonight Was NCIS Night *spoilers possible*

** Warning ** Possible ** Spoilers **

I have a deep and dark love for NCIS. I originally started watching because of DiNozzo, who is played by Michael Weatherly, formerly of Dark Angel fame. :faint: Yes, I found him sexy as hell then, and as DiNozzo, with the constant ribbing of “Probie” and subtle flirting with Ziva, I’m in total and absolute love with the sexy DiNozzo.

I cried when Cate was shot. Yeah, I got that into the show. I do that easily. I wasn’t a fan of Ziva when she first came on the scene because she was taking Cate’s place. When she shot her own half-brother to save Gibbs, though, she gained a few notches in my like category. Each episode makes me love her more.

Gibbs is my favorite character though. He has so many twists and turns to the character, and Marc Harmon plays him so amazingly!! He makes Gibbs come alive.

After Gibbs is Abby. I :lovestruck: Abby. Abby and Ducky are just awesome. I love Abby’s gothic-ness that’s still sweet and innocent in a totally different way. I love Ducky for his quirky sense of humor, and his gentleness with Abby, though he completely respects her and her work.

I want Abby and “Probie” to be together. I want DiNozzo and Ziva to be together. I just want Gibbs to find some peace. I want to see Ducky happy, and I want to see Palmer to find someone who isn’t using him for an alibi. Yeah, that’s a spoiler, :relieved:

Who else is a huge NCIS fan?