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I’m Over Facebook

Lately, Facebook has been telling me that I’m spamming.

Like at least twice in the past two weeks.

The way it’s been done, it’s like someone is reporting me for spamming.

But I’m not.

I just wish the person doing it would just have the balls to stand up and admit it.

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Not Looking

I’ve been getting a lot of spam lately:
1. Bigger penis :: I don’t have one, 😆
2. auto insurance quotes :: I’m quite happy with State Farm
3. “peace keeping missions in Iraq” :: as far as I know, the soldiers over there have better things to do than hide money

Ugh. I seriously just hate getting spam. It’s annoying. I’m tired of it in my e-mail and on my blog. Fucking wastes of space. Get a REAL job and stop trying to scam everyone else out of there’s.


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Quick Bitch

Is it wrong that I want to find a way of anyone putting in a .ru address as their web url when they comment to be completely and totally banned from the internet? I know it’s not possible, but 95% of my spam comments have that extension.

Yes, I know it’s for Russia. It’s still spam. And its always the same fucking comments: “This is going in my RSS reader.” “Great sitename man.” “There was a virus pop-up. Check that please.”

And I know I don’t have a virus, and I know the feedreader shit is bullshit. *grumble*

God bless Akismet, I guess.

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In Which I Complain about Myself

Palmdale Shorts #2

Okay, see, I’m not fat. I’m not skinny like I used to be, but I’ve had 2 kids, and am not exactly active. Why do I keep getting spam for diet pills and things? I hate spam. Spam makes me feel bad about myself.

Yes, I said that right. Spam makes me wish I had a penis so I could enhance my erections and make myself last longer. Spam makes me wish I had lots of money so I could send it to Nigeria. Spam just makes me hate myself.


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Photostory Friday

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Pictures taken with a Sony Cybershot DSCW120

Who knew so much drama could ensue over one picture. I was called lazy and that I “could do better than that” over my Less Words Wednesday post. The so-called controversial picture?
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