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So … I need to write!

I had plans to work on some NaNo prep this week. It’s now Thursday and wanna know how much I have done?

If you guessed nothing, you’d be 100% correct! UGH!

I guess it might be time for me to take my Surface to work with me on a daily basis. I can hide in a corner or the conference room on breaks if I need to 😀 I already have permission for that (so I can have a quiet space when I feel a panic attack coming on).

More Space

I wish apartments had more space. I’m even looking at apartments for rent to see if there are bigger ones somewhere. Then again, our lease isn’t up until May. I love this complex. Not a fan of a few of my neighbors, but for the most part, I like the complex. Its just the lack of space. I need more space.

Then again, I know of people in a house, with decent space, wanting something bigger, so it must just be a common thing for all of us.

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Space. I have none.
Do you have space? You’re lucky, then!