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Life Is Just Random

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These came about when I shared a picture on Facebook of an outfit I think is totally cute, but not something I could pull off.

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Project 365: Out of Order

Project 365 and Project Life are definitely things I’m enjoying!

I’m a little out of order, because I’m playing catch-up. I need to do like 9 weeks BEFORE Week 18, BUT if I stay caught up on the CURRENT weeks, I’ll be able to catch up easier. I did post the layouts for Week 18 and 19 already! Eventually I’ll also get caught up with Project Life but forcing myself to do two-page layouts during weeks where NOTHING happened, it’s hard! So, I might, for a few of them, just do a single layout. A max of even numbers, so if I do ever print, it doesn’t look all weird and funky!

In June, I’m also planning on doing some other projects that involve pictures! Something to help make sure that I have pictures to USE for both projects:

image image image

Speaking of June, I might have mentioned it, but on the 3rd, I’ll be heading to INDIANA!! I’m excited to see my family, but I’m worried about things breaking. I’m always worried about that stuff. I’m planning on vlogging every single day of June. So, June 01-30, there will be a video up at some time. It’ll be through ANY of my cameras. My cellphone, my webcam, or my Canon A3400. I’d say it’d be with the JVC, but it won’t work because we don’t have a Firewire port anymore. Oh well!

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Can We Say “Happy Day”?

I love getting emails like this:

Hi Sarah,

Got a case of the Mondays? Not anymore! You’ve been selected to receive a special complimentary shipment from Influenster featuring a new premium dish soap. This is a favorite brand of Influensters and we’re excited to share with you. Thanks so much for filling out our pre-survey. You were a perfect fit!

So, what’s next? Well, your box is already its way and should be at your door soon. Once you get your box, log in to your Infuenster profile, find your box in the Fun File, and click through to the badge page to check-in your box and start testing. We’ll be in touch shortly with details, Brand Challenges, and more!

And remember to join Influenster on Facebook and Twitter for announcements, contests, and more opportunities!Enjoy!
The Influenster Team

She who is NOT a fan of doing dishes is willing to try! YAY!

My Opinion on Social Media

The floor vomited #FMSPhotoADay via sarahcb1208

The floor vomited #FMSPhotoADay via sarahcb1208

“They’re going to sell your pictures, without your permission.”

That’s what I’m reading lately. The irony is A) They’re not SELLING your picutres and B) they’re not doing it without your permission. You read the TOU/TOS. Congrats, there’s a line in there that says they can change the TOU/TOS. Also, C) They’re letting you know … almost a month in advance.

Okay, here’s the dealio: I’m of the belief of if you don’t want it stolen, used without permission, or anything like that, NEVER SHARE IT ONLINE. It’s going to get stolen, used, etc. Over and over. How the heck do you think memes actually get started?

Seriously, y’all through a big snit over Facebook changing it’s TOS, and threatened to delete all your accounts. Hi, I still see you on Facebook, so that was a joke. But feel free to delete yourself from Instagram. Bye!

Yeah, I’m a bit of a bitch with this, but seriously, I don’t see the point of the panic and freak-out. I see bigger things to worry about in this world, more so than wondering if Instagram is going to use the picture of the floor vomiting to sell laundry soap.

And BIG wake-up call: have you SEEN the size that these pictures save at? You really can’t do much with them, without it getting ugly pixelation going on. So, chill out, calm down, and take a deep breath.

If Facebook had been around

Okay, I don’t share stuff like this often, but I couldn’t resist. I found it via another blog, and damn it, I’ll admit I cried … and I don’t usually cry!