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La La La

Since I’m doing the live-streaming, I’m realizing I’m needing to add something, maybe some nice heart pendant jewelry. Something.

I’m currently watching Wizards of Waverly Place. I’m pathetic, I know. It’s got vampires on it, so I’m loving it, :lol:.

Yeah, well, I can’t really think of anything else to say. I’m bored. I’m starting to get a little tired. I so didn’t sleep at all last night.

snort And the bats ran into the doors. That was funny!!

All Aboard the Choo Choo Train

Yeah, one too many times watching Playhouse Disney, *snort*. Yeah, anyways, being female just mother-fucking SUCKS at times like this!! I’m weak, and I feel like shit. Yeah, tomatoes are giving me heartburn again 🙁 There goes my obsession with Spaghetti-O’s, 🙁 GAH!! I just want this week to be OVER!! Just shoot me now and call it a day.

Now!! GIVE ME IDEAS!! I NEED IDEAS!!! Want a tag? Give me the idea. Want a theme? Give me the clue. Want a layout? Give me the schematics!! SOMETHING!!

Losing a neighbor

Seven, aka Brooke, and her boyfriend are moving out. The reason why? Their 18-month-old doesn’t like the apartment. He screams every time he comes over. That’s right. He doesn’t even live with them. He lives with one of their parents. O.o Can we spelled Spoiled, please? WTF? Moving because a CHILD doesn’t like an apartment, a toddler at that. This child is going to be FUCKED up in the future, if they continue to do that. I mean, sheezus, Ethan screams when he comes home from Josh’s parents. It’s called A CHILD. They SCREAM. GAH!

Another WTH?: Josh got a call on his cell. Area code linked to New York. I recognize the county it’s linked to, so I check my phone. It’s Mish, :lol:. Josh checks voice mail. It’s just music. So Josh calls her cell and leaves her a message. *snort*


What we gotta do/buy tomorrow:
1. Toilet training accessories for Ethan (training pants and undies)
2. Order Ethan’s cake for Saturday
3. Wrapping stuff for some of Ethan’s gifts
4. Silverware for Ethan
5. More stuff for Ethan



We got The Sims 2 Seasons today. Josh is going to have to go to Walmart tomorrow though, and get a new copy of OFB, because the book disappeared, and it had the code. I freaking hate EA’s “brilliant” idea of putting the codes on the booklets. The reason we have to do it is because I wanted a fresh start, and started uninstalling, without realizing everything wasn’t there like it was supposed to be 🙁 Made me very mad and very sad to see that.

We also played some DnD tonight. I had a lot of fun. I didn’t expect to, but it was really nice. I only lost 1 point of damage, but Mark and Julie smell of dire skunk, *snort*. I shouldn’t laugh, but it’s hilarious. Julie, when she got sprayed, barely missed shooting herself in the foot, *giggles*. She actually ran off to vomit for a few rounds, 🙂