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Yesterday …

Yesterday, she turned 14. It’s not a big exciting birthday like 13 or 16, but here in Kansas, it is a little more exciting than most. Now she can get her permit and she’ll be allowed to drive to work and school :O CRAZY right?

Josh and I are both on vacation. It was nice until today. We won’t discuss today. Let’s just say that stress and us means it gets loud in this apartment. Five minutes later, it’s full of laughter. Maybe we’re all a little bipolar (I say thatย as a bipolar person).
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Currently List: Dec 01-07, 2014

Created using Photofy and Phonto.
I love that ABC has the episodes for Once Upon a Time online. Otherwise, I’d miss them most of the time. And, because of the internet/tv provider I have, I also get to see them earlier than those who don’t have a select few ๐Ÿ˜€

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I set the alarm. When it goes off, I fill it out. I play with the image until it fits the day. And then I share it on Instagram.
The #CurrentlyList project, created by RUKristin Papercrafts. She also is the mastermind behind #Thursday3.

#currentlylist #phonto #photofy #photofyapp #veteransday #111114 #november11
watching: Salem
reading: Yours For Christmas
listening: Something weird on SyFy
making: myself hungry
feeling: indigestion
planning; doing October PL (Project: Life)
loving: Netflix

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Project: Life {Week 37}

Life went from boring and basic to “OH MY GOD! I achieved a lifetime want” ๐Ÿ˜€
Yeah, that comment was about my purple hair ๐Ÿ˜€

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