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Good Night

Tomorrow, I have to work. First day back after 2 days of the crud. I’m not 100% but I have a cute ass cup (with a quote I came up with!) in my favorite color ready for me to use tomorrow.

What more could I ask for?

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2 September, 2017 · 9:17 pm

Pretty Colors


Okay, my goal for September is to blog every day! We’ll see how it goes, but since I’m sitting my bed, sick, for the second day. The laptop is being put to use. As you can clearly see from the picture above ?

But I’ve gotten some things that I’ve enjoyed! ?

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1 September, 2017 · 9:46 pm

Exhaustion …

It looks like those layouts are going to have to wait so that I can share them with actual words and things.

I feel like poop (eww) and I’m tried. Double tomorrow, so I need to go get some rest!

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Sleep Is Needed


I am beyond exhausted and I don’t even know why. I came home from work, so tired I was dizzy. Not fun at all. Did not like that.
So right now, I’m lounging in bed, planning out my week, and taking it easy.
Hopefully I feel better in the morning.

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3 April, 2016 · 9:44 pm

Sleep is Needed


I really and truly did not feel good. I survived the day but I am so tired.
Tonight I am going to try taking some slow-release Melatonin. Wish me luck that I sleep through the night!

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2 February, 2016 · 9:50 pm