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I’m taking a sick day. I’m sick. Like curled under blankets shivering in a 74F apartment sick. 

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Project 365: Weeks 15 & 16

So, one of these weeks, I’ll actually be on time with this, but eh, I’m at least blogging them Smile with tongue out

099/365 [2014] - Little Robin on the Rail

We, well I, had a birdie visit. I got an instagram video of it and everything Open-mouthed smile

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24 April, 2014 · 7:55 pm


Day 02 of the sickness. Josh is already feeling a lot better, so here's hoping to feeling better tomorrow.

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26 December, 2013 · 8:53 pm

Wordless Wednesday #01

Just a picture of Madison

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16 January, 2013 · 3:20 pm

Can I Call in Sick?


My word count isn’t suffering. I’m still at 8535/50000 … the minimum goal for today officially is 8333. I’m fine. But I need to write, because while I will hopefully have my laptop with me tomorrow, I don’t know how long, how much, all that, I will have.

So, my personal goal is 10202, which is 1667 words for today. First, I’m going to finish my dinner, and then I’m going to go to the bedroom and get on the laptop. Only site I’ll have open will be the NaNoWriMo site so I can update my word count.

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