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I Stayed Home

Yeah, I didn’t go to the fireworks. I stayed home.
With Madi getting that sunburn and getting sick yesterday, I wasn’t risking her health any further.
And I have to work in the morning.
And I HATE crowds.

But I wore fun pants!

I got these from Fabletics! These ones are the print. I got them as an outfit with this tank (which the color is sold out!) but I love it. The quality is AMAZING!


Someone Went Shopping

I got the cutest shirt ever! “I love you to the beach and back”! 😀


We’re going to the pool tomorrow, and all of us, no matter what, we burn. So, 4 things of sunscreen. AND 2 things of After-Sun Gel (with cooling effects) and After-Sun lotion for extra hydration!


And new shampoo!! Such a small container for the price but it’s ALL I can find with no sulfates! Even the salon stuff has it :O


Missed a Day


I missed yesterday. No real excuse, minus it was a “Rest” day. Meaning I took a nap. After we went to Kmart, Hobby Lobby, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Best Buy and Walmart were the only places we spent money, so HEY, woo hoo for us!

I got a new pair of headphones that my ears have to adjust to:

I really do like them!

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March Planner

March is finally all set up and I love how it turned out! I love PlanningWorld stickers!

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Today, I shopped with Josh. We didn’t buy anything but groceries and a tree topper (finally), but I loved spending the day with him!