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Today is your day

I have no idea, but I’ve got this feeling that today’s either going to rock and completely suck. No middle ground. That just totally bites, doesn’t it?

We did figure out some good news: rent will technically be coming out of the next paycheck. The next paycheck is going to be a decent size (1 day off each week, plus Sunday extra pay). *sweet* That just works out perfectly. That means we can keep money in the savings account, and have a buffer. That means if the computer decides to completely bite the dust, we’re going to be okay 🙂 I like that. That makes me feel a lot better.

Josh called at about 11:30 this morning. He was just starting his route. Everyone had a lot of mail, and I mean a lot. He started at the same time as most of the regulars, so it’s not because he’s slow. He called while he was filling up the LLV (mail truck). He started at 7:45, and he told them (Jayhawk Station) straight-up that he was going to need assistance. The guy who’ll be helping him out said that he most likely won’t catch him until after 5. They have to be back at the station by six for the mail pick-up. That means he’s definitely getting overtime today (5:15 would be 10 hours, including his 1/2 hour lunch). Holy damn!! If he works past 6, he gets even more money, for working “evening”.

Tomorrow is his day off. Since we’ve got our buffer, if he wants to go out and do something, we can (like buy actual day-to-day tennis shoes). I’m totally cool with that.

Speaking of shoes, I got me some new ones yesterday: Athletic Works 7000 Jogger. They’re light grey and dark purple, with white. GORGEOUS!! And totally me (curved toe, comfy, etc). We got Madi a new pair of sandals. We realized that her shoes were a size too small, so we got her a pair that were on clearance. Brown and strappy and ADORABLE!! We also found her shoes for the wedding. I found a pair I liked, in white, but the smallest size was a size 11. She’s a size 8/9 (depending on the shoe), so that wouldn’t work. Got those for super-cheap! Ethan also got a pair of shoes for the wedding. We got him some adorable penny loafers. They’re the same exact pair I found the day I got his outfit for it, and they still look perfect!! I can’t wait for Julie to see them.

Today’s plans:

  • Upgrade to 2.3 once it’s released (supposed to be today at some point)
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The 6th Anniversary

Yesterday was mine and Josh’s 6 year anniversary.
Julie came over and watched the brats for us.

God, we’re pathetic though. Our idea of fun: walking the mall, checking out KMart and Target (costumes), and reading at Barnes and Nobles.

The whole time, the kids were on my brain. I couldn’t shut it off. I knew they were okay, but I worried about Ethan constantly. He’s notorious for fits because we leave. They can get pretty bad, and I didn’t want Julie to worry that it was something she did. I didn’t want him to do his “hold my breath until my lips turn blue and then let out a gigantic and ear-piercing screams”.

I’m not weird, I’m unique

Ha ha! Yeah, right! Don’t ask, you don’t want to know.

Okay, you want to know? Josh has this awesome body spray. It’s the Axe brand stuff (Essence is the scent). I love it, so while we were at Toys ‘R Us yesterday, the kiddos got stuffies, and I got myself a new one too. Madi got a blue unicorn, Ethan got Scooby Doo, and I got this extremely soft, adorable little horse. Now the horse reeks of Josh’s bodyspray, because I missed him, :lol:. Pathetic, right?

Got yesterday and today’s tags done. Josh threw me off schedule and I didn’t get anything done yesterday. Barely got a shower and make-up, XD. *grumble* Sometimes I hate Josh’s days off, :lol:, just because I get so used to being with the kids only during the day, and then he throws me for a loop, XD

Good news, though: Digital came up the evening I complained about it, :lol:. Josh goes, “We’ll just put in a movie” and five minutes later, up it comes, right on the NFL network, right at the start of a Colts game. *sweet*

And figures I’d mention that it’s back up and *boom* it goes down again *grumble*
And then it goes back up, :impatient: :grr:

Seriously Fed Up

I have no idea if it’s just me, but I’m tired of getting the same freaking e-mails from the same freaking people, 3-4 times a day. I’m seriously considering leaving all of my advertising groups, and just keeping the members I’ve got. The same few people constantly spam the advertising groups, with identical e-mails, constantly. Even if several people go “Stop, you’re killing your own business”, they conveniently ignore them. That, or they’re sitting on “no mail” or “special notices” so that they don’t get copies of their own e-mails. FFS, STOP!!

I paid for a lifetime membership to one of these sites, and 6 months later, she deletes me “because I’m not listed”. Hello, I filled out EVERYTHING I had to. You keep advertising, yet you never update with new stuff. You constantly delete current members because YOU don’t receive the e-mails from them that YOU request monthly.

Another one “couldn’t keep up with updates”, so she sold half her site, then 3 months or so later, opened up another, and I can tell that she’s going the same route, because someone in her family is constantly sick. I get migraines, yes, but I let my members know ASAP, and then I make sure they get what they ordered. Three times someone in her family has gotten sick, and I’ve placed an order (before the notice was sent out), and when she goes “all orders are filled”, I, of course, never got mine, nor a response to my repeated request. *grumble*


Today was semi-productive. I got 3 tags completed, including members tags (shit, need to mail those, XD – sent!!). We did some shopping. We needed more bulbs for kiddos little lights, and Ethan needed pull-ups. While we were there, we got me some more undies. They’re just basics, but more suited for my short little skirts (boyshorts and hipsters, because they cover more of my ass, XD). We also got some great looking strawberries (:love:). Have I ever mentioned how much I love strawberries? No? Well, I DO!! *:lol:* While we were there, we went ahead and picked up the kiddos some body wash, and two little puffs. They loved their last ones, but they fell apart, XD. Hopefully these’ll last longer. We got the kids some of the NutriPals that have been advertised. The kiddos loved the chocolate and peanut butter ones. We also got them the smores flavor. They like that in Pop-Tarts, so they should like them in the bars. So, other than some grapes and laundry-related items (Clorox 2 and Clorox Ultimate Care), that’s all we got 🙂 Only spent a little over $66, and 90% of the stuff was needed 🙂 After that, we got gas. Spent less than $22 ($21.50), so I’m happy as a clam 🙂