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Keeping it Real: Organizational FAIL

This week, I’m trying to get all into the organizational flow, so that when August comes, and the kids start back in school, I’m ready, set, GO!

Thus far? Failing miserably. Yesterday, my body went into shut down mode and nothing I did that usually works would bring it around. So, I did a workout (hey, that’s good for something, and then I lounged around, with a big ass headache, and a sucky body. Let’s just say I scared the crap out of myself with how I felt.

Today? Still not that great. Didn’t want to wake up, was still recovering from yesterday. I did my work-out and then did a second! Go me! I piddle-farted and played around though, on the computer. A chunk of that was because I was waiting on Josh to call Smile with tongue out

So, I took a shower, and decided to get some groceries and fun stuff for the kids to do inside since it’s ducking HOT outside lately Winking smile

I picked up some great organizational tools that’ll hopefully remind me of what I need to do and what I have done Smile with tongue out I also got fun pens and highlighters to help with that!

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Future House Shopping

I’m not looking at what our future house will look like, but what we’re going to have on the inside, XD. Like in the kitchen, the laundry room, the bathroom, and stuff like that. I’m picky on certain items, and Josh is willing to go with those, provided we can afford it (we’re hoping to find the house of our dreams that’s lower than our projected price, so that we can do the updates that we want, XD).

First off, the refrigerator. I’ve got 3 big things it must have: french doors, bottom-mount freezer, and an ice/water dispenser. Josh has one requirement: larger than 26 cubic feet, :lol:. I’m just gonna have to wish him luck on that. I did find one that I really like though: Maytag Ice2O 24.9 Cu. Ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Bottom-Mount Freezer – Black

Next up is our washer and dryer. I hate the washer. It’s got an agitator that’s systematically ruining all my clothes. :impatient:. Josh is letting me choose exactly what I want, XD, because I’m the one who does the laundry. I know what we need, what size we need, what special settings we’ll have to have, and all that good stuff. On the dryer, I’m not to picky. Just something that matches and runs well.

Washer: Maytag – Epic 4.0 Cu. Ft. 12-Cycle Super Capacity Plus Washer – Black
Dryer: Maytag – Epic 7.0 Cu. Ft. 8-Cycle Super Capacity Plus Electric Dryer – Black

The next few big things are the stove/oven and the dishwasher. I just want my silverware on the door for the dishwasher, and flat-top for my stove. My choices:

Stove/Oven: GE Profile 30″ Self-Cleaning Freestanding Electric Range – Black-on-Black
Dishwasher: Whirlpool 24″ Built-In Super Capacity Dishwasher – Black-on-Black

Well, that’s it for now, XD

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Nope, haven’t bought anything, but I did find stuff I want, XD
Everything can be found at the NFL Shop, :football:

Pink shirt, with Colts. Plus, sexy-cut. How can I resist?

Chilly nights, watching the game, but too lazy to turn up the heat? Perfect!!

If you’ve got a perfect ass, you can pull it off (and I was told I do, XD)

This is too perfect!! I can finally have my Hubby’s name on my back, XD

< a href="http://sarahsmidnightfantasy.com/tm2ts/wp-content/colts-shopping/p3772689reg.jpg">
Hey! I’m a girl! Of course I can’t choose just one. I’m partial to the pink-y-ness, though, :lol:.

Who can say they’re a SAHM without owning a pair of comfy pants like that? Hello? And ones that support my Colts? Hell freaking YES!!

I’m trying to find similar shoes for everyday use, but I’m having difficulties, :lol:. I doubt I could convince Josh to spend 65-or-so-bucks for a pair of shoes, XD

Hot shirts. Hot team. Hot yes!

Yeah, I like sweatshirt-styled jackets, XD. May not be flattering, but damn, they’re usually warm 🙂

This shirt is just HOT!! I would kill for it.

Don’t even think of asking how much this is, XD. Josh would KILL me if I even hinted that I wanted it, :lol:.


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Special Sale – 09/15/07 Only

Do you like to collect sigs?
Would you like the ability to receive one each and every day, without having to worry about remembering to order?
Would you like to get special discounts with your membership, such as 10 free tags a month, on top of the daily tag you receive?

If so, then check out Sigs ‘n More. Each day you’ll receive your own special tag, and each month, you get to choose 10 free ones for yourself or friends and family, or even mix it up. There’s also special discounts given on other items in the shop.

Sale Prices are as follows:

  • 3 months: $10
  • 6 months: $25
  • 1 year: $45
  • Lifetime: $85
  • Can’t beat those deals.

    I know no one really cares, but the reason for the sale is that mine and hubby’s anniversary is tomorrow. We went overboard buying stuff for the kiddos, and a few things for the apartment (along with bills), and can’t afford to treat ourselves to much. I want to be able to do something nice with him, since we so rarely get to go out 🙂

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    Okay, it’s Wednesday, not Thursday, but I don’t care. :impatient:

    Josh worked the Jayhawk station yesterday. Well, his main station changed the schedule, and the Jayhawk station didn’t update it. So, Josh goes in to work, only to find out he’s off. So, he heads home. Halfway home, he has to turn around because the damn Jayhawk station called him in. WTF? So, he’s going to be in a pissy mood when he gets home.

    I was in a pissy mood until I got an e-mail from BnN. 🙂 Sherrilyn Kenyon has a new book coming out, and I put in a pre-order: Upon the Midnight Clear. I also ordered a box set, of the first 3 Dark-Hunter books: The Dark-Hunter Novels. Upon a Midnight Clear ships Oct. 30, and the other two ship as soon as payment is accepted 🙂 sweet :reading:

    Josh got me a little present yesterday: Billy Ray Cyrus’s new CD. On our last shopping excursion, I got Rodney Atkins first CD. Now, all I really need to get is Taylor Swift’s CD, and I’ll have the ones that I really want to have, XD. Okay, that and Linkin Park’s most recent, :lol:. I forgot about that.

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