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Oh Happy Day

So, I got a new shirt in the mail.

It’s a pretty shirt. It’s a geeky shirt.

It’s a perfect shirt for me!


Josh found it originally on ThinkGeek.com. The ONLY thing I would change about it is replacing Yar with T’Pol, simply because why should The Next Generation have two characters?

Otherwise, the shirt is perfect for me! I’m definitely a Trekkie, and I see absolutely nothing wrong with that. Though, if you’ll notice, Madison thought I was freaking weird, but what’s new with that?

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17 June, 2014 · 7:35 pm

148/365 2010–Revisit

148/365 - Funniest Shirt Ever

Anyone who knows me knows I spend a lot of time online. Husband Guy found this, and yeah, I had him take a picture. I think it totally suits me. Right? 😆

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Way to Make Me Feel Good


I bought a new shirt at Wal-Mart. Okay, I bought two. One in brown and cream, and one in black and grey (shown).


I forget if diagonal stripes are a good thing, but I really love the shirt. It’s comfortable. Gives the illusion of wearing a tank with a shrug without the tank and shrug combo. I like it!

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You Gotta Have a Sense of Humor


There are some funny t shirts that I think are totally inappropriate to wear. There are some that I secretly wish I owned. Admit it, you have a few of your own. There’s a GREAT site with them. I will admit I have probably seen a few of them at Spencer’s or Hot Topic. Yeah, I’d probably buy them. Especially the Halloween one. Josh would enjoy it, I think.

What is a shirt saying that you want to own but would never wear in public?

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Its not Wordless Wednesday …

so I can talk about this picture, 😆

Come on and ADMIT IT!! This shirt is FUNNY!!

I noticed it today at Walmart. I couldn’t resist it. So totally suits me!

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