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18 Years

18 years we’ve been together!

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Goals for November

I have goals! Yes I do!

I’m starting with small goals. The smaller goals mean they’re easier to achieve!

Goal #1: Start Shift Shop

I start on November 04 (Monday). My goal is to completely finish it!

Goal #2: Write 50k Words

I’m doing NaNoWriMo. I need to write those words!

Goal #3: Share My Workouts

I went to a singular instagram account so that I could do this more efficiently.

Goal 4: Read at least 5 Books

I only put it that low simply because I should be focusing on writing and NOT my reading.

Goal 5: Get SLEEP!

Yeah, I haven’t been sleeping well. AT ALL!

Haiku Friday – March 14, 2008

Today a friend is
in need of a new house now!
It’s not a safe house

Her little boy is
too cute for words, but this house
will make him so sick

She needs all your help
She’s not asking. Her friends are.
Help a mommy, please.

Honestly, Lotus really does need the help. She just got word that her current landlord is letting her out of the lease with no payments (which is good, considering the amount of mold that house has), and they got the house they wanted, but they’re needing help to get into that house. The money goes to them. They so deserve it. She’s a stay-at-home-mom, and her husband is a musician (I think that’s what he is) who’s on the road a bit.

Remember, every little bit helps!!