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Some Fluff

202/365 [2018] - Just a Little Fluff

I’m not allowed to lose a certain amount of weight, or I’ll lose my prescription for my ADHD (it’s also an appetite suppressant, so that’s why). But I do want to work on my shape. I can do both not lose and gain muscle!

25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by Monique, so I better post or she’ll kick my ass, I swear. She’s big and tough, and mean and nasty.
don’t kill me

  1. I wear glasses, but would kill for contacts.
  2. If I had the option of a grilled chicken salad or a hamburger, I’d choose the salad.
  3. I had postpartum depression with Madison, aggravated by the Depo shot. If you have depression issues? Keep that shit out of your body.
  4. I love to watch forensic science shows. I was the big geek/nerd in school. Yeah, I was asked to tutor, and I was able to “dumb down” science so friends could understand it without me giving them the answers.
  5. I have the worst freaking sinuses in the world. I get sinuses infections whenever the wind blows the wrong way, :lol:.
  6. I’ve seen every single OC episode, but I never watched it when it was originally on. Go SoapNET.
  7. I’m a hardcore country music snob. If you can’t guess what the song is by the end of the first line, I disown you. Okay, maybe not that bad, but pretty close 😛
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Shoot the messenger

No, it’s not a bad post, just a random title. I hate the freaking time change already. Madi didn’t know about it, so she was up AN HOUR EARLY!! Ethan slept in an extra hour. Josh barely got off to work on time :what: None of the news shows that we caught had any sort of warning at all :what: WTF?

Everyone’s loving the theme that Josh and I chose. Julie and Kristen got a giggle out of my sand in the invites idea. You won’t forget because you’ll remember you spent 3 hours cleaning sand out of your carpet :finger: I’m just totally in love with the idea of floating candles in the shape of flip flops. How freaking COOL is that?

I’m getting sick and tired of my brats. I made them a nice breakfast (strawberry milk and pancakes, complete with syrup) and they keep arguing and screaming. The screaming is starting to really piss me off.