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Layouts from October

I’m supposed to be writing, but instead I’m not. 186 words written and my head is throbbing, my throat hurts, and my feet are aching. I work tomorrow and then have 2 days off (Tuesday and Wednesday) πŸ˜€

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My Feelings

I couldn’t think of anything to do with “my feelings”. I’m not sure why. I mean, shoot, I have feelings. Everyone does. When I am feeling something, EVERYONE knows it, too. But I wasn’t sure how to photograph it. So, I broke out my webcam.

I think I succeeded in capturing the feelings I show most often. I even did it with unbrushed wet hair! That’s semi-ballsy right?

Week in My Life

weekinlifeMay 26 – June 01, 2014

Pathetic week for pictures. I don’t even know what was going on, and why I didn’t take that many πŸ™


may 26
Memorial Day … we didn’t do ANYTHING at all. We didn’t even grill anything. Ugh! So sad and pathetic.

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