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Keeping Inspiration


That’s what I need to work on.

Keeping inspiration.

Keeping faith.

Keeping true to myself.

I’ll get there.

I’m working on it.

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I Have a Lisp … Sometimes

I think you can see why I have a lisp 😛

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10 August, 2016 · 10:37 pm

Sometimes …


Sometimes … something catches your eye.

Sometimes … that something is your reflection.

You find yourself wondering who that person is.

When you realize it’s yourself, you’re amazed.

Sitting there in wonder.

At least that happened to me. I sat in wonder when this picture popped up on my camera.

I never consider myself pretty, but in this picture? This series of shots? I felt beautiful.

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22 February, 2016 · 10:18 pm

Selfie Friday

I did my make-up and I feel good about it 😀 So, I had to break out the decent webcam and take some selfies!

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20 March, 2015 · 3:13 pm

Project 365: Week 02

008.365 [2014] - Migraine Killed All Inspiration
I ended up with a NASTY freaking migraine! Oh god, it was SO bad! I haven’t had one that bad since Ethan was about 2 years old!

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