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Some More Digi Layouts

Kit: 360° Life All About June Collection by Aimee Harrison

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Missed Another Day

So, my anemia has been kicking my butt. BADLY.

These past few days, I’ve been dealing with some anemia issues.


But I’ve spent today resting and recuperating!

And scrapping!

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So Many Things … So Little Time

2. The top three things on today’s priority list are …

There are lots of things that I have to do today:

  • Laundry
  • dishes
  • a couple hybrid projects
  • a CT layout or two
  • go to Wal-Mart {did that already Open-mouthed smile)

The biggest though, I think, is working on the hybrid projects. I have a blog to write for WendyBird Designs, and well, I need to figure out what PROJECT I’m going to work on for that Smile I’m going to try and find something easy for the kids to do, so they can join in. We’ll see how that goes Smile