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Sick Means Scrapping

When I’m sick, that means I tend to spend more time sitting. Right now, it really sucks because I can’t do it on the laptop because the laptop is dying. I already mentioned it, somewhere, that I’m going to need an upgrade by the 5th of March [haha] but for now, when I’m sick, I still have to sit on the computer. Josh was like “I am not settling for a netbook. I want the damn tower sometimes”. So, instead of a 17″, I’m probably going to get a 15″.

Kit: January Daily Download by Connie Prince
Template: Craft-tastrophic

My February desktop. Marked off dates are days off from work, birthdays, and other such things.
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Project Life & Project 365: Week 01 Achievement Unlocked

Oh yay! I got them done! On time! I’m so proud of myself! Like SERIOUSLY proud!! I will tell you that each Project Life template will be Pretty in Green‘s Life Inspired series.

I also got a video done, a little walk-through of the work I was doing. Today is going to be spent working on some more, to try and make sure I get the “perfect” video settings!

Template: Pretty in GreenKit: Project 2013 [January] by Connie Prince
Template: Pretty in Green
Kit: Project 2013 [January] by Connie Prince
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I Feel Special

I wrote a forum post, requesting P365 and Project Life like templates. Rachel, of Pretty in Green [whom I CT for], commented on my laundry picture that she needed to do that, but she had to finish working on a set of templates that she thought I’d like. I seriously got all giddy. I turned to Josh and went “Rachel’s making me templates! Rachel’s making me templates!” Yeah, I was SUPER excited!

Then she does a FB update:
Pretty Girls check the CT Forum I added something fun to play with!

Oh yeah! I got excited! I was greeted with this image:
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Hopes and Dreams [Gingerscraps Buffet Release]


January 2013, the time for resolutions, whether we think we’re going to make them or not.
The time to share our hopes and our dreams.
Honestly, if you can’t tell, I’m excited.

I’m also shaking with excitement for the stuff coming on Friday from the Gingerscraps designers. Like SERIOUSLY! TEMPLATES! <3
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