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But for good reason: I’ve been dealing with an on-again, off-again headache that’s touching on migraine and Josh took the kids camping on Saturday ūüėÜ

Camping was a little exhausting, I think. #passedout #gluedtoshrek #shrek
Josh passed out early. Ethan stayed awake the whole day. Madison passed out at some point. I slept on and off all day.

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Project 365: Week 06

036/365 [2014] - Cute Boy
Family, just lounging around. I love quiet family moments!

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Project 365: Week 04

022.365 [2014] - Laundry
Sometimes I have to have photographic proof that I actually do the laundry, ūüėÜ

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P365: Week 03

015.365 [2014] - Glorious Sunset
Sunset that I couldn’t resist capturing. I’m very proud of how it turned out!

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Working For the Man

238/365 [2013] - Busy Schedule

Not really but it’s fun to “pretend” (and by fun, thank the good lord over and over).

Just keeping track of everything I have to do. Parent Night at the school tomorrow. Boy scouts meeting on Wednesday. Newsletter writing on Thursday. Another newsletter to write on Saturday. Busy, busy, busy.

Today was Josh’s day off, and it was nice. We hung around the apartment and it was WONDERFUL. Just perfectly wonderful. I loved it.