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Getting Healthier Lunch Options


So, the kids start back at school in 3 weeks, just over that. It’s weird thinking about how soon it’s happening, but I’m also excited. Madison is thrilled.

Ethan’s only a little excited because of the fact that I’m wanting to do more than just sandwiches for them! Today, I picked up the pieces for that. A bento box for them, that fits PERFECTLY in their new lunchboxes. Then a meal kit one that comes with a spoon/fork combo utensil. Some really freaking cool stuff!

I’m on the hunt now for awesome things I can make for them. Things that won’t go bad when they’re sitting out in the open, waiting for lunch to start.

The prices for these were pretty good. I spent $40 for both kids, for 4 sets of lunch-ware! And I will say, if you want a decent priced lunch container, but with designs kids would want, and will hold either of the above lunch kits? Try Target! We got the kids’ for $12.99. They’re Embark hydration lunch kits. I would link the particular ones that we got the kids, but they’re not available online. They’re worth a look at, though!

Location, Location, Location

Location in a story in an important thing to consider. I’m working on deciding where I want my story based. I’m thinking of making my own “area” but set on “modern Earth”, in the US, if that makes sense.

I’m also trying to figure out if I should keep modern times or not. I’m thinking it’ll be a little bit easier to do so, Loser. That way I can go “he pulled out his blackberry and quickly dialed so-and-so”. Something like that.

If I do a “special” locale, I need to make a map of it. If I don’t, I’ll forget, and really screw with the flow of the story. Someone please tell me I’m not the only dunderhead who has these same problems.

Oh, Did I Tell You?

My brother’s girlfriend is pregnant. The scary thing? We’re suggesting he get DNA testing done when the baby is born. When she got pregnant, they were no longer living together. I’m not saying they weren’t sleeping together, I’m just saying I don’t trust the *bleep* as far as I can throw her. She’s the type that threatens suicide if you break up with her, and spreads all the drama on MySpace while she keeps her crap private. Then again, since she’s always drinking, I’m hoping, for the sake of an unborn child, that this is all a hoax and that there is *no* baby at all, and it’s just a way to try and force my brother into a relationship he no longer desires.

Sometimes, I hate my family.