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Last Day of School

Now it’s time for me to sleep!

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19 May, 2016 · 11:58 pm

Week in the Life: Monday



  • 9-close: dishes at work
  • 1145a: dentist appointment

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10 May, 2016 · 3:19 pm

WITL: Monday


Monday, there were a lot of things. Lost a contact, dealt with issues related to the contact. I had to work. I finally tried almond milk in cereal. I did my days 😀

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18 August, 2015 · 6:43 pm

Summer Break

Summer break has officially started now!


Madison didn’t have to go at all because her last official day was yesterday! 😀 She enjoyed the few hours alone. She got to play Sims 3, 😆 Now she’s at her friend’s (our neighbor’s below us) spending the night!

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21 May, 2015 · 11:49 pm

7th Grader Now


Madison is a 7th Grader officially now! She was promoted!

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20 May, 2015 · 10:29 pm