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Project 366: Once Again Caught Up

Template: Creations by Julie
Papers: Project 2012 by Connie Prince
Project 2012 by Connie Prince
Good Night by the GS designers
Courageous by Pretty in Green

Sunday: There was a Pack Swim Day at the pool. Everyone was exhausted, including Josh. Poor guy! Six days of 9-11 hours of work, and then again, all day at the pool!
Monday: I did my nails in a beach-y theme. Sky blue and gold glitter. Looked like water meets ocean.
Tuesday: I’m not in the shape I’d like to be, but I’m learning to accept the shape that I have.
Wednesday: The truck thought that it was the perfect time for a heart attack. Went off when I restarted, thankfully!
Thursday: Last day of swim lessons for Ethan. He passed Level 2 this time, but refused the diving board!
Friday: A nice long oatmeal bath soak does wonders for my itchy skin!
Saturday: Long days, early mornings, late nights. They catch up with you after awhile!
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Come Back September! Come Back

octobercalendar copy

Can you believe tomorrow is Oct. 01? Where the FUCK did September go?

Not listed on that calendar? Ethan’s Den Meeting because I’m not 100% sure what day it is.

  • 2nd: RenFest
  • 9th: Julie’s baby shower
  • 10th: Columbus Day (Josh should be off Open-mouthed smile)
  • 12th: Full Moon, which means Full Bore Bitch Open-mouthed smile
  • 14th: No school for kids
  • 15th: Girl Scouts
  • 16th: Scouts Gatherings… Josh goes to the zoo and I go to the farm Open-mouthed smile
  • 17th: Ethan’s Pack Meeting
  • 18th: Ethan has a field trip to a pumpkin farm Open-mouthed smile
  • 22nd: Girl Scouts. We’re gonna make flower pot ghosts Open-mouthed smile
  • 27th-31st: No school for the kids
  • 31st: Halloween

Somewhere in there, I’m to get ready for my NaNoWriMo Surprised smile


  • Creations by Julie
  • It Happened This Year – Monthly Paper Pack
  • It Happened This Year – Flair Pack
  • Say No 2 Piracy
  • School Rules {the Bundle}
  • Page Perfect WordArt – Halloween
  • Once Upon A Time
  • Some items come out TOMORROW for the Spend $10 kit *and* the Buffet at Gingerscraps Open-mouthed smile