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You Smell Nice


New smells. They’re lovely.

Just Full on Bliss


What gives me bliss? There are so many things. Things that taste good. Things that smell good. My family. Rain in the spring, with the smell in the air. Sometimes a nice long wonderful nap can give me a feeling of bliss.

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Pretty Candles


I got two of these candles (only one lit at the moment). Since I’d cleaned the kitchen with bleach, the apartment was REEKING of Clorox Clean-up. Not a pleasant smell!

Thankfully, I have plenty of scented candles floating around. Since I’d finally cleaned off the coffee table enough, I can actually have them lit right here, and I can smell them so much better.

This particular candle is from AirWick. Vanilla Butter Cream Cupcake is the scent! Yum! DELICIOUS!

I’m heading to bed now, and tomorrow, I’m hoping to have a nice day with my husband. We shall see!

Scrappy Dappy Doo (or something)

Mmmm, wonderful smelling candles! So GOOD!
Template: M&M Designs
Kit: Crisp Autumn by the GS designers

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Spoiling for Halloween

It’s that time of year again. Time for Halloween and working on special decorations for that. I personally love and adore Halloween. I can’t wait until we have a house and I can full decorate for the holiday 🙂
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