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Oh the Weather is Frightful


The weather outside is definitely frightful, but there is no delightful fire.

The coats are worn, layers bundled underneath.

They have to make their own warmth, anyway they can.

Hats and hoods, gloves and scarfs. Layers upon layers.

Smiles anyway.

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My webcam on my laptop isn’t the best (I’m going to eventually upgrade to a USB one, maybe something like this one by Logitech.

Anyways, I got a new scarf from PopSugar, and since I wasn’t going to be making an unboxing video this month for it or IPSY (because of being out of town), I thought I’d at least take a couple of pictures.

Oh, that and show off how BLONDE my hair is getting! I really am loving this Sun In Hair Lightener!

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Madi’s First Christmas Program

Madi had her program. This is just one song. Josh attempted to get the rest on video but Ethan wasn’t quite cooperating very well, :lol:.

:censored: :grr: :help: :scarf: :snowman: :down:

We’re expected to get 2-4 inches of snow. Meaning, in news speak, anywhere from a dusting to 6-8 inches. Last year, they said “2-4” and we ended up with 8, so I don’t trust too much. I love the snow, but not when I have to drive in it 🙁 Madi might end up taking the bus, :lol:.

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