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Posting Plans

I’m trying to figure out a schedule for the blog. And my YouTube channel. I don’t know what I want to do though.

  • Mondays: Plans for the week, including pictures of at least one planner. Gotta put those to use 😉
  • Tuesdays: Photo a Day Themes. I want to get into that again!
  • Wednesday: Listers Gotta List
  • Thursdays: Day in the Life. I want to do these weekly. It might be a vlog, or it just might be a bunch of pictures. Gonna try and do at least some Thursday 3s as well.
  • Fridays: Scrapbook layouts. I’m hoping for at least one a week! 😀
  • Saturdays: Fun days. I am going to leave it free for whatever I want or feel like posting. Default will be a book review 😀
  • Sundays: I miss “Weekly Winners” so I’m going back to that. Even if I don’t have a place to share the link, I am excited to be back to taking pictures again!


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30 December, 2015 · 10:01 pm

Sleepy Saturday

This is what my Saturday consists of:

Lip chewer
Monkey, just chewing on her lip watching Girl Meets World and other such shows on Disney Channel, after she gamed half the day (Neverwinter).

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28 June, 2014 · 11:49 pm


But for good reason: I’ve been dealing with an on-again, off-again headache that’s touching on migraine and Josh took the kids camping on Saturday 😆

Camping was a little exhausting, I think. #passedout #gluedtoshrek #shrek
Josh passed out early. Ethan stayed awake the whole day. Madison passed out at some point. I slept on and off all day.

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Several New Layouts, Including Project Life

Week 23 is in the bag. I know I said I probably wasn’t going to use the Ready Squares series for Project Life weekly pages, but I was EXHAUSTED but I wanted to get them done. They worked PERFECTLY!

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14 June, 2014 · 7:16 pm

Day 9, Friday: 5 things you love on a Friday.

  1. Hanging out with my husband.
  2. When my husband has actual Fridays off.
    298/365 [2013] - Friday Morning Wake-Up Call
  3. Sharing the amazing newness from Gingerscraps
    My #checklist for #gingerscraps #freshbaked #newsletter... Gotta keep those #numbers straight #FMSPhotoADay #pixlrexpress
  4. The fact that Saturday follows
    039/365 [2014] - Lounging Around
  5. and that means the chance to sort-of sleep in!
    321/365 [2013] - Sleep is NICE NOW!

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9 May, 2014 · 10:38 pm