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I Need a Vacation

Alabama Hills Recreation Area

Alabama Hills Recreation Area (Photo credit: evanchu)

Sunday, I went to Lawrence. We spent time together as a family, and it was nice. But gah, the kids. They drove me nuts. Absolutely nuts. I want a vacation away from my family. At least my kids. If it wasn’t so humid, I’d be checking out some Alabama hotels. Something, anything, to get away.

I love my family, but I need a break. I’d love to check out Alabama, though. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty state, that there are some great things to see.

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Planning that Trip

Josh and I are planning, one of these years, to get our butts to Hawaii. A friend of ours lives in Kaua?i. Yes, that’s the setting for Lilo and Stitch. While I’d like to take the kids, so that they can see it, too, I’d rather be able to enjoy the beach in the arms of the man I love.

One year, I’d also like to see a few Broadway shows in New York. I want to see The Lion King, though I’m not sure if it’s playing any more. I want to see Central Park, though, of course, not after dark. I also want to see my friend, Michelle, who lives closer to up-state New York. I would so enjoy seeing her, hopefully before the wedding, :lol:.

Besides New York and Hawaii, I’d love to see Rome. While I’m not a huge buff at history, I’m dying to do a trip that involves Rome, Greece, and Ireland. Rome is because of the history. Greece because of the romance, history, and slight obsession with a certain book series. Ireland is because I’ve got Irish in me. I might have to add Germany to that list, since I actually do speak a little German as well.

The 5 Things Meme

The Five Things Meme
List five things in your refrigerator:

1. Whole milk
2. PediaSure (strawberry and vanilla with fiber)
3. Freshly made tea
4. Package of cookies that need to be baked
5. Leftovers

Five things in your closet:

1. Clothes
2. Boxes
3. Lots of shoes
4. Random books
5. Josh’s graduation gown

Five things in your purse or backpack:

1. Cell phone
2. LipSmackers
3. Batteries
4. Keys
5. BC pills

Five things in your car:

1. Toys
2. Car chargers
3. Proof of insurance
4. Trash container
5. Car seats

Five things in the world you want to see before you die:

1. Rome
2. Greece
3. Actual acceptance of all races, walks of life, etc, instead of this faked crap
4. At least a little bit of peace through-out the world
5. Ireland

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