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Before and After …

UntitledUntitledSo, this is what I looked like when I went to work … and when I got off.
Make-up stayed pretty well, even in the horrible lighting, and I’m not all shiny!

I tried some new products and I think that’s helping!


I Feel Pretty Again


I really did feel good today. I put on my face and everything! The products I used were pretty good too!

I suck so damn bad at eyeliner. I really need some practice with that, 😆


Thursday 3


1. No selfie. But these were the facial products I used on my face. Yes, I’ve hit pan on the Nearly Naked powder. Yes, I’ve repurchased another but it was in my bag. It lasted all day, and only rub off was my nose. It’s always my nose.

2. I bought the Maybelline The Nudes palette finally. I can’t wait to try it. So many options.

3. I also found out that the Yes to Carrots brand shampoo products are sulfate free. So, when I recolor my hair, I know what I’ll be using 🙂

I Felt Pretty

I’ve never been known for my self-confidence. As I’ve gotten older, my skin has decided that now it wants to have the breakouts. It’s insane.

But today, I took some time and actually put on make-up, taking extra care on covering up the problem areas. I even filled in the brows.

Products I used:

It’s not the makeup though, that made me feel pretty. It was the confidence in myself, knowing I was doing it for myself, not because I had to.

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October Favorites

And the products: